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Martial Arts Birthday Parties

Wilcox Karate Academy Kick'n Birthday Parties

Karate and Cake Birthday Party

Wilcox Karate Academy in Independence offers the most fabulous birthday party you or your child can imagine. It’s a kid’s birthday party, but adults have a great time, too.

Childrens Karate Parties Independence

To begin, we want your children’s birthday to be stress free for you. To assure this, we do all the work. We take care of all of the preparations before, during and after the party. Instead of you cleaning, baking, cooking, planning games and coordinating, you can take the day off. Your job is to relax and invite friends to the most exciting birthday party anyone has ever had.

Wilcox Karate Academy in Independence birthday parties are thrilling. Packed with action and surprises, your child will talk about it for months. It’s a birthday party that everyone will remember for a long time.

In acknowledgment of your child’s growing maturity, we appoint your child to the prominent position of assistant instructor. This makes your child feel so special. What a great way to honor them and help develop leadership skills at the same time.

Breaking Boards and a Samurai Sword

The birthday parties here at Wilcox Karate Academy in Independence include special martial arts games and activities. The whole group is invited to participate. There’s action, fun and laughter all the time. Then, a special karate class is held. Our professional karate instructors will teach the kids how to break a board by hand. Kids are astonished that the board breaks and not the hand. It looks impressive, and the young martial artists love learning the technique.

Wilcox Karate Academy Center Birthday Parties

After the lively martial arts class, everyone is treated to refreshments. Juice and delicious pizza is provided.

Next, it’s time to eat the birthday cake. It’s a very special moment for your child. The honor, care and respect given to a samurai sword is legendary, and your child is the one who cuts the cake using a real samurai sword. Don’t worry, though, as one of our black belt instructors at Wilcox Karate Academy in Independence will assist.

Finally, your child opens the presents. In keeping with the martial arts tradition of teaching respect, your child will thank everyone for the presents and for attending.

It’s a fantastic, active, exhilarating birthday party. When it’s over, you can return to your orderly and quiet home.

Prepare for Fun

Give Wilcox Karate Academy in Independence a call today at (816) 461-4952, or stop in for a free tour. Packages are available to suit your budget. Pick your theme, and we’ll throw the most thrilling, unique birthday party ever for your child.

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Birthday Parties

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