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Youth Programs (8-12yrs old)

The Wilcox Karate Academy Youth Programs:
Emphasizing Enjoyment, Strength and Unity

Our youth classes foster a lifelong passion for martial arts, fitness, and self-discipline. At Wilcox Karate Academy, we understand that children want to engage in activities that excite them and address their individual interests. That is why we balance our program to provide an approach that caters to student wishes, while encouraging a lifestyle that can set children on the path to later success. We believe that the confidence, discipline, and strength children take away from our classes are an essential part of development and we take pride in offering these skills in an exciting, supportive environment where children can form enduring friendships while also developing a lifetime love of the principles embodied in martial arts.

youthkarate2With the countless pressures facing children today, we recognize how important it is children receive the training and guidance to both adapt to and overcome these challenges. Social, physical, academic, and family pressures are an inevitable part of life for our children and at Wilcox Karate Academy, we focus on addressing the individual concerns our students may face. Below are some of the benefits children take away from our classes.

Exciting Atmosphere, Emphasis on Enjoyment

From the moment children walk through our academy’s doors, they will know they are entering an exciting environment where they are encouraged to forget any outside concerns and fully immerse themselves in the fun exercises our instructors lead them through. Our young students love the youth program because we are dedicated to fostering a positive, playful environment which suits young students learning the basics of martial arts. By its nature, martial arts is an extremely physically and mentally challenging activity, and we take that into account during our classes, remaining ever-conscious of the age and physical abilities of our students.

At the Wilcox Karate Academy, we understand that the first priority for a children’s program is to be entertaining and fun. Therefore, our protégés will never find themselves in an overly-competitive, labor-intensive environment that does not hold their interest. Our goal is to foster a lifelong love of martial arts, and we understand this cannot be forced upon students. By tailoring our instruction and exercises to each pupil, we ensure students are offered an enjoyable experience that holds their interest and provides them with a skill they will want to continue developing.

Self-Discovery and Inner Strength

The Wilcox Karate Academy believes that the road to self discovery can be lifelong and filled with many obstacles. That is why we believe in setting our students upon the path to this deep understanding and self-belief at a young age. Properly taught, martial arts can instill on tremendous amount of inner strength and confidence in young students. Our instructors recognize this and ensure that every student in our class develops the essential strength, determination, and confidence that are hallmarks of inner peace and contentment. It is an unfortunate reality that children today must arguably face more physical and emotional challenges than any other generation, and we address this reality with every student we instruct.

youthkarate3Age-Appropriate Classes, Optimum Instruction

Our classes are open to children of all age groups and experience levels. However, to maximize the enjoyment and benefits of our classes, we organize classes to ensure that students of similar ages and skill levels are taught together, allowing them to receive the appropriate instruction. When classes are organized in this way, students are able to interact with peers closer in age, learn techniques faster, and generally enjoy their instruction more.

Access to the Best Instructors

At the Wilcox Karate Academy, all of our instructors are thoroughly-trained professionals with years of experience. They possess the positivity, patience, and diverse martial arts experience young students require for optimal enjoyment and instruction. Our instructors are dedicated to providing students with the fundamentals necessary for self defense, while also encouraging continued improvement, fitness, and growth in a highly-supportive atmosphere.

At the Wilcox Karate Academy, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality instruction that is both fun and effective for students of all age. However, in addition to our outstanding instruction and classes, we also offer a number of events which are open to family and friends:
  • Movie nights
  • Buddy nights
  • Holiday parties
  • Parents night out
  • Tournaments
  • Contests
  • Fun Challenges

FREE Kid Safe Workshop Independence Photo 3To assure you that we offer the most enjoyable, skilled, and focused instruction available, we're prepared to offer a free trial membership for incoming students.

Please call us at(816) 461-4952 to inquire further about our youth programs or to speak to a Wilcox Karate Academy staff member about any other questions you have.


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